htc u ultra review

HTC U Ultra Review- Hands’on

HTC U Ultra Review

Today we are going to reviewing the flagship device from HTC. HTC U Ultra. Now without wasting let’s start the review


htc u ultra review

HTC U Ultra Review (Overview)

HTC U Ultra is the one of the shiniest phone seen in this price segment also HTC big and flagship smartphone of 2017. HTC U Ultra is only available in the USA at the price of the 749$ but it is available in the India right now. I will provide the buy link of the HTC U Ultra in the last of the article. So definitely it is the high-end flagship smartphone from the HTC. This is the dumbest and bigger waste from the HTC you can get. HTC has added the Snapdragon 821 chipset which is outdated as comparing it with their competitors. In the HTC U Ultra, you don’t get top-notch configuration. But It”s average configuration as compared to their rivals.


htc u ultra review

HTC U Ultra comes with a 5.7 inches display. Which is very very huge as compared to their competitors like Samsung s8, Google pixel XL, LG G6. Even the HTC U Ultra is bigger than the Google Pixel XL. The material on the HTC U Ultra is a mix of the glass and metal at the back you can see the glass material used in the HTC U Ultra. Also, you have choices of very nice colors.

he looks is certainly distinct, but it has its downsides. The entire rear gets covered in fingerprints and smudges with even the slightest touch, and you’ll have to keep wiping this phone if you want to show it off. It’s also incredibly slippery – we soon learned to hold this phone very carefully, and we couldn’t even put it in our laps without it finding some way to slide off. HTC includes both a microfiber cloth and a clear plastic shell in the box. Both are indispensable, but the shell adds, even more, bulk to an already unwieldy phone and cheapens its look, defeating the entire purpose of the glass back.


HTC U Ultra comes with an ok configuration. If we consider the price bracket of the smartphone. HTC U Ultra is powered by a 2.15GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC, paired with 4GB of RAM. It also comes with 64GB of internal memory and can hold microSD cards of up to 2TB in size. The handset runs Android 7.0 Nougat out-of-the-box, along with HTC’s Sense UI on top. The smartphone is backed by a 3,000mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 support, while the connectivity options include 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.2 and USB Type-C. As comparing it with Google Pixel.


HTC U Ultra


Google Pixel

Quad core PERFORMANCE Quad core
5.7″ (14.48 cm) DISPLAY 5.0″ (12.7 cm)
12 MP CAMERA 12.3 MP
3000 mAh BATTERY 2770 mAh

Display- HTC U Ultra review-

Moving on to the display department, the HTC U Ultra packs a large 5.7-inch Quad HD display with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. But the star of the show is the secondary 2.0-inch display infused right at the top of the main screen. The secondary display, is indeed, a smart move by the company as it comes with some handy features. So, for example, one can see the next event, a weather forecast for the rest of the day, different app and contacts shortcuts, control some music apps likes Spotify, Ghana or Google Play Music. But the implementation is pretty buggy in nature. The apps are not optimized to give notifications on such a small screen, which results in cropped notifications. We think that the company could have used the secondary display more effectively.


The camera of the HTC U Ultra turns out to be very good. Most of the times, pictures turned out to be great. The images clicked to have a lot of detail, there is no distortion, and the colors are bright and vibrant. The camera focuses on objects really fast.

We liked the fact that it supports 4K recording and does a pretty decent job in recording videos, all thanks to the stabilization

. The phone comes with different modes like Pro Mode, Panorama, Zoe Camera, Selfie Panorama, Hyperlapse, Auto HDR etc. The built-in HDR mode does a pretty decent job as well in giving a detailed picture. But when it comes to low lighting situations, the device struggles a bit. The phone is able to handle glares and the pictures are well lit in nature, but the detailing is somewhat not up to the mark. Further, we also get some noises, which were quite prominent in some photos.

Coming to the front-facing camera, it does a pretty decent job while clicking selfies. The photos came out to be well-balanced and decently exposed coupled with some good detailing, however, in low-light graininess was quite visible.

On the other side, the selfie camera didn’t quite match up to the primary shooter’s quality. That said, it’s still more than capable of everyday pictures. We managed to click really good selfies and it comes with options like Selfie Panorama and Selfie Video.


htc u ultra review

I Hope you like HTC U Ultra Review. The HTC U Ultra come with average specifications. The device is also very high priced at 59,990. The diverse array of features makes the package worth it. We loved the software tweaks, the design and of course, the display(s). The camera, performance and fingerprint sensor are all good as well. However, you can look for the alternatives like Google pixel and the iPhone 7 you can also read our iPhone 7 review.

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HTC U Ultra

HTC U Ultra





      Price Factor







            • Secondary Display
            • 16MP Front camera
            • 12 MP Ultrapixel camera, OIS, Laser AF, PDAF, 1.55um pixel size
            • USB 3.1 Type C reversible connector


            • No 3.5mm audio jack
            • 3000 mAh battery
            • Outdated Snapdragon 821 processor
            • Hybrid sim slots