smartphone battery life

Smartphone battery life saving techniques by Tecgram

Smartphone battery life. Yes, this is one of the major problems almost all of us are facing today. From IOS users to the Android users, all the flagship or high rate smartphones are facing the battery draining problem. This is because all the giant global brands like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry etc are introducing their smartphones that are powered by the powerful mobile operating systems. For example, Google’s Android, Apple’s IOS etc that allows the users to access many different things or tasks such as playing games, playing music, access the internet, accessing the camera, stream videos etc.

The techniques are 100% working techniques. If you are thinking of using crappy power saving apps you can save the battery life those apps can only make you fool.

smartphone battery life

Smartphone battery life-saving techniques

Since we are talking about the Smartphone battery life-saving techniques, first of all, it is important for all of us to know the reason that why the smartphone’s battery suffers? So the answer is that the latest Operating Systems comes with the diverse range of capabilities and the multi-functionalities. Since we all know that the costly smartphones drain faster than the under-budget ones. And the reason is their hardware. As costly smartphones have a good quality hardware, more RAM, internal memory and many other major technologies used in them, so they consumed more battery than the under-budget ones.

Disadvantages of battery drainage

  • You have to take a power bank with you
  • In case of emergency, if the battery goes down, you will become helpless
  • You have to charge your phone more than once in a day which slowly affects your battery life more etc.

Different techniques for saving the battery

  • Turn off your wi-fi, Bluetooth.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS etc consume much battery power if left turned on. You should keep them off if not in need

otherwise, they will consume all your battery very fastly. GPS eats more battery than other apps as it allows the sending and receiving of the signals to and from the satellites to find your exact location. It is used in Google maps basically but nowadays people are using it for check-in to their FB profiles. In the case of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, energy is consumed whenever your smartphone searches for the signals like, Wi-Fi, 3G network, other Bluetooth devices etc. Repeated searches for these type of signals can make your battery drainage faster.

  • Automatic apps update

Updating the apps in your smartphones are necessary. But, if the apps in your smartphone updates automatically, it will consume both your internet data and the battery. Suppose, if any update is more than 30MB and you have a slow internet connection, then the automatic update will definitely eat your battery life as it takes more time to update your apps. So, it is better to update manually rather than automatically.

  • Vibrations

The vibrations are good for notifying you about the incoming calls or messages when the phone is in your pocket. But in those places where you can keep your phone to the ringtone mode, turn off the vibrations. Vibrations actually use up more power than ringtones. Also turn off other sounds which are not so useful such as your keyboard typing, lock and unlock sound etc.

  • Auto-brightness issue

Auto-brightness is one of the biggest things that kill your battery. There are sensors in the screen that adjust the screen’s brightness level according to the outer brightness. So, it is better to adjust the phone brightness level manually.

  • Screen timeout

If you want to minimize the power consumption of your smartphone, you have to consider shortening the screen timeout. You should reduce it to 30 seconds, 15 seconds etc but less than 1 minute. As some people do not have the habit of locking their phone after they are done with it. So, keeping the timeout duration short will ensure that the phone doesn’t waste power when you’re not using it.

  • Remove live wallpapers

Live wallpapers affect the battery similarly as the running of an unnecessary app does. You should set a stable wallpaper instead of the live wallpaper to your smartphone in order to save its battery power.

  • Unnecessary apps

smartphone battery life

Some of us have the habit of opening one app over another without closing the previous ones. This multi-tasking also drains more battery power.

  • Data usage

Just go to the settings and disable the background data for the unnecessary apps. Since the apps that you are not using so far are eating your battery by consuming more and more of your internet data to get automatically refresh.

  • Use the original charger or Good quality chargers

smartphone battery life

Using the original battery charger is necessary for every device as the duplicate charger harms your smartphone’s battery life.

  • Maintain phone’s temperature

You might have observed that the battery of your smartphone gets drained faster whenever the phone gets heated. The reason behind heating of the phone is the apps that are running on your phone continuously for a long period of time. Leaving the smartphone in a direct sunlight or a hot place also makes it heat faster.

  • Unnecessary notifications

With continuous connectivity to the Internet, we get notifications on our smartphones all the time like updates of the apps, new emails, game notifications etc. As a result, the every incoming notification will light up your screen or make a sound alert or vibrates. These activities can also drain your battery. So, manage your settings and disable the unnecessary notifications for saving your power.

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So the conclusion for all these methods is: you will get more battery support from your smartphone. If you like these tips, please share this on Facebook.


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