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Xiaomi laptop- Notebook air 13 successor of Notebook air 12

Xiaomi laptop is one of latest production by Xiaomi “the Apple of China”. Xiaomi laptop introduced their first laptop in 2016 that is Xiaomi Notebook air 12.

Now, Xiaomi comes with their new launch and also the successor of their first laptop and that laptop is none other than Xiaomi notebook air 13. As per the rumors, Xiaomi may launch their laptop soon in India. But as we all knows that Xiaomi launched their many products too late in India. So, if you are keen to buy Notebook air 13 then you should buy it through the gearbest at the rate of $869 or 58,000 INR. It might be more or less costlier also from another seller. The offer for the laptop is also running on the gearbest.

On gearbest, it will show you the warehouse options, China and Hong Kong. You can select any of them. The difference is only about the rates of the laptop. Also, one warehouse option might be less costly than the other warehouse option. Activated windows will come in Chinese version and non-activated in English. But don’t worry, the Chinese version is not a big deal, you can change it easily.

Xiaomi laptop


As we are talking about the latest Xiaomi notebook air 13, it is important to tell the specifications of this new gadget. We will provide you each and every possible detail regarding Notebook air 13. Finally, Xiaomi also known as the Apple of China stepped into the laptop rivalry with their 2 laptops. They will give a very tough competition to their opponents as the laptops have suitable features and the company is popular worldwide also. Here are the details for Notebook air 13 below:


Body, look and display

The laptop display is about 13.3-inch, so it is known by the name Notebook air 13. Similar in case of Notebook air 12 which has a 12.5-inch display. The laptop comes with silver and gold color and a metal body. It is a very slim piece and look-alike of Apple’s Macbook. This laptop has ultra narrow borders, light in weight having just 1.28 kg etc. Screen resolution of the laptop is 1920*1080 with 166 PPI. It has an ultra-thin frame with a width of 5.59mm. It has a protective glass made of synthetic sapphire of high hardness- 7H on the Mohs scale which makes the display scratch resistant. There is also a special lamination technology which reduces the thickness of the air gap between the display and the protective glass 4 times which reduces the probability of glare caused by light refraction.

Processor and storage

Xiaomi notebook air 13 laptops have the 6th generation intel core i5 processor with Nvidia GeForce 940MX GPU having 256GB SSD, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and 1GB GDDR5 VRAM. It is an ultra-low voltage platform and quad-core processing provides high-efficiency power. It also has Intel Turbo boost technology that delivers extra power when needed.

xiaomi laptops

Powerful or heavy games can be played smoothly with fully HD graphics, edit videos without any trouble, videos will not get stuck in-between etc. You no longer have to choose between portability and functionality. The laptop is very much suitable for the heavy games because of its realistic graphics. The laptop is equipped with a discrete graphic processor, which is responsible for the high-quality processing of images and 3-D games. Notebook air 13’s processor is faster by 18% as compared to air 12. It gives a very high performance with low power consumption. You will be able to watch a 4K resolution video smoothly without any delay. The clock frequency of the laptop is also up to 2.7 GHz.

O.S and the battery backup

The Xiaomi laptop is supported by Windows 10 OS. Windows 10 is the latest running windows OS these days. While the battery is of a high energy density of 578WH/L which makes the battery very lightweight. The maximum run-time of the battery is near about 9.5 hours. The power adapter is 100V-240V. The laptop also gets 50% charged just in 30 minutes. The battery is of lithium-polymer. MI air 13 battery makes it convenient to use it anytime, anywhere without worrying about its charging as it provides you a good battery backup.

Network & Communication

It contains Bluetooth 4.1 version, LAN card, WLAN card. Wireless LAN standard is IEEE 802.11ac.

Interfaces and media devices

This latest laptop consists of 3.5mm headphone jack, 2 USB 3.0mm ports, a USB type-C port and also standard HDMI port. You can use USB type-C port for gadget charging, data transmission etc. A single camera has introduced in the laptop. You will also get:

A sound card                   Realtek ALC255a speaker 2Wx2

A speaker                          2Wx2

and also supports Dolby, youtube, and skype.

A Dolby is used for audio noise reduction and audio encoding or compression. It creates audio, visual and voice technologies for cinemas, PCs, home theaters, games etc.


xiaomi laptop

The adaptor allows you to connect your laptop with the external hard drives, USB flash drives, additional monitors, printers and the other gadgets that are equipped with the USB ports. This multi-functional adapter will simultaneously connect the HDMI cable, USB devices and the charger to your laptop.

Unlock without entering the password

There is also a way introduced by Xiaomi to unlock your gadget without entering a password. There is an MI band 2 for the users which will turn on your notebook. When this tracker is on your hand, the notebook will automatically get unlocked.

These are the features of Xiaomi laptop Notebook air 13. According to my views, this laptop is one of the best laptop produced ever. It is very much capable of competing with Apple Macbook too. It comes with the latest SSD technology instead of HDD. SSD stands for the Solid State Drive. The laptop is totally worthy as per my view. It depends on you if the features impressed you or not.

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Xiaomi air 13 laptop

Xiaomi air 13 laptop




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